Metal Matrix


Metal matrix Composites (MMC)

performance under pressure 

Loukus Tech's proprietary process can produce a functionally graded preform (essentially a ceramic sponge), placing a higher volume fraction of ceramic in one region, with reduced gradient elsewhere. The process is robust, versatile, automated and scalable to meet large volume MMC applications on a global scale.

exceeding your requirements

Loukus Tech specializes in aluminum and magnesium MMCs, with the capability to produce other light-alloy MMCs. Our production capabilities include in-situ reactions, stir casting, squeeze casting, and custom perform production. 

Loukus Tech can work with the customer to tailor MMCs to specific applications using newly-developed alloys and a wide range of reinforcement material. In addition, we have proprietary processing technologies to make our solutions viable and cost-effective.

Put us to the test


Loukus Tech has an industry-leading squeeze casting cell capable of producing 1500 tons of clamping force and 1200 tons of injection/squeeze force in a 24” x 24” envelope. With this press, we can tailor all aspects of the squeeze cast process - from custom tooling design to casting temperature and pressure - in order to meet our customers’ needs. 

This ability to design custom process equipment demonstrates a comprehensive understanding of material processing and the ability to design for efficiency. Many of Loukus Tech’s products bring high performance to cost sensitive markets, where efficiency is imperative in all aspects of the process.

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